Over Dentures

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At our Columbia, MD dental office we offer implant or tooth supported overdentures. This type of denture fits over existing teeth or dental implants that are used to retain and support the denture. Overdentures more closely resemble the look and feel of real teeth than traditional dentures.

Overdentures, unlike traditional dentures, are root supported or implant supported and as a result they provide more stability. These overdentures are anchored to either a root implant or are attached to an implant by a denture cap which snaps into the underside of your denture. The increased stability of the denture increases their function and also has added health benefits.

The most important consideration when choosing the overdenture versus a traditional denture is the long term benefits. Traditional dentures rely on suction and over time most patients will experience dental bone loss and this will cause the suction to decrease over time. The overdenture will minimize this loss and provide a better experience for the patient.

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Overdenture Benefits
  • Saves your natural root or having dental implants helps bone loss over time.
  • Over dentures help control facial contour changes that lead to premature wrinkles
  • Chew Food Better
  • Speak More Clearly
  • Eliminates loose dentures and needing to use denture creams and adhesives.

Over dentures in Columbia, Maryland