White Tooth Fillings

Joobbani Dental Designs has extensive experience in making your cavities look as natural as your normal teeth.

Our Teeth Filling Approach

When bacteria and acid begin to break down the enamel on the surface of a tooth it is called decalcification. When the effects are minimal the tooth can be re-mineralized using fluoride therapy. However when acid and bacteria continue to damage the tooth a cavity forms.

If you have a cracked or broken tooth or have experienced one of the following symptoms listed below that indicate possible tooth decay you should contact our Columbia, MD dental office immediately.

  • A toothache is the most common symptom. 
  • Bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away. 
  • Spots on your tooth. These can be white, brown, black or grey.
  • A dental/tooth filling has become loose.

There are two main types of fillings in dentistry: silver fillings (amalgams) and white fillings (composites/bondings). At our Columbia, MD dentist office, Dr. Babak Joobbani uses top of the line materials to restore teeth with white fillings. Our dentists use white tooth fillings due to their many advantages listed below:

  • White tooth fillings closely match the color of your own teeth.
  • These fillings are especially useful in front facing teeth.
  • White tooth fillings are stronger than other fillings because they bond to your teeth.
  • Used for cavities as well as chipped, broken and worn teeth.
  • Less tooth needs to be removed to use white tooth fillings to repair your tooth.

Teeth Fillings