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Columbia MD Dental Whitening


At our Columbia, MD dental office we offer teeth whitening which consists of custom dental bleaching trays and gels. This method is very effective and will provide our patients with white teeth. The initial consultation for teeth whitening is done in the office while the bleaching trays and gel are done at home. Some patients even elect to use both options, using the Zoom! whitening for immediate results and the bleaching trays at home for whitening maintenance.

Dental Bleaching Trays

This method of whitening takes a mold of your teeth and with this mold our dental lab creates a custom tray that fits tightly around your teeth. The patient is then given the trays (similar to a mouth guard) and a bleaching gel. The patient then places dots of bleaching gel in the trays and wears the trays over a period of time while in their home. The patient can use this system at their convenience when they have time. The patient can also use the trays time to time for touch up whitening.

Our teeth stain and yellow over time with daily use. To keep you looking at your greatest, and you’re your teeth their whitest, contact our Columbia, MD dental office for more information at (410) 872-3999.